My DJ Setup – Software, Why I chose N.I Traktor (part 2).

After watching Celt Islam and DJ Pathaan play at Sub Global Underground inManchester, I decided to give Traktor Pro another chance.  I’d tried it briefly (an LE version from a CD that came with an old piece of gear I’d bought).  I was DJing from Ableton Live that night and their setup looked more fun to use than mine.

This is part 2, to read part 1, click here.

I am a lazy creature by nature and not having to beatmatch anymore was one thing I love about Ableton and something I hadn’t got my head around in Traktor on previous attempts at using it.  After following this guide I am a pro at beat-gridding in Traktor and I can confidently set up a beat grid for almost any tune in less than a minute, meaning I can drop a new tune straight into Traktor at a gig.  This a major advantage over Live.

Along side speedy beat-matching, being able to hook up my laptop in such a way that I like being able to use a regular DJ mixer to manipulate/control the sound.  I’ve been DJing for long enough to work any mixer without any trouble and that means if I hear something I don’t like coming out of the monitor speaker I automatically press the right button or turn the correct knob to fix the problem.

Finally, and most importantly Traktor’s interface is built for club use.  It’s easy to read, easy to navigate and designed to make you sound good.  Everything is hugely customisable so I have my screen setup to make sure I know what is going on and to make sure the correct tunes are always close to my pointer.

 In summary here are my pros and cons for Traktor:


  • Easy beat-matching with beatgrids.
  • Flexible ways of controlling the sound with existing equipment.
  • Looping.
  • It sounds great.
  • The weay I use it, my old DJing skills are used to make things easier without pretending to be a record player.
  • The LE version is actually great and comes for free with some reasonably priced gear.


  • iTunes playlist integration. Please let me use Zune/Media Monkey playlists (I don’t use apple anything if I can help it).
  • File management.  Traktor wants to do (and does) things to my music folders, I don’t know what its doing but I don’t want to stop it.

 If you want to here my first mixtape recorded in Traktor click here (this is also my first Moombahton mixtape).

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