My DJ Setup – Laptop

I’m gonna write about my choice of laptop, in my earlier post I said that most people don’t need a dedicated laptop for DJing/Music and I stand by that comment but as I do have 2 laptops here is how I rock my setup.

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I am lucky enough to have two perfectly useable laptops in my possession, a Dell Inspiron and a Lenovo Thinkpad.  I’ve tricked them both out with plenty of RAM and they already have adequate hard drives to hold all of my DJ music.

My initial idea was to have one PC for gigs and one for day-day use – so to minimise the wear and tear on the machine – plus I don’t need to worry about losing all my personal photos if somebody spills beer on my PC at a gig.  I tried this for a while but it wasn’t practical, I like to swap between reading Facebook and listening to tunes for my next set – I think that’s how we all (DJs) work.

That being the case I decided to keep the Dell laptop in a cupboard and use the Lenovo for everything, if the Thinkpad breaks I will crack open the Dell.  “What about protecting your music/photos/WIP bootleg remixes?” I hear nobody cry.  I have that covered too.  All of my personal photos are backed up to picasa (with the privacy settings locked down).  All of my non-DJ music is backed up to an external HD and all of my DJ/Producer/label boss (I dabble in production, and running a label) music/stuff is backed up through Dropbox.  Meaning if the Thinkpad dies – I am a couple of hours from being back up and running.

You will notice I only use PC (proper computer) machines not Apple toys.  Simply, although they are pretty, Macs offer no flexibility and ultimately you are at the whimsy of Steve Jobs’ successor as to what you can do with your machine.  At least with a PC I know that fewer people are likely to steal it and I am my own Pope when it comes to decision making.  Windows 7 is rock solid on both my machines, so I see no need to make a change.

If you want to here my first mixtape recorded in Traktor click here (this is also my first Moombahton mixtape).

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