My DJ Setup – Controller

I know I’m writing this blog slightly out of sequence, but because a couple of people on my Facebook page have asked about controllers so, dear reader, you will have to wait for another day or so to hear in detail about my choice of sound card.

The typical setup for a Lapjock is to connect your laptop/soundcard to an amplifier (or mixer) via a single stereo audio lead and to use your software to manage the sound, blend tracks together and add audio effects (there are a few variations on this, but in summary that’s the norm).  I have chosen a different setup, here is a diagram of how I work:

As you can see I do not have a DJ controller.  I use a specialist DJ soundcard (more on that in my next post) to spilt the audio from each “deck” in Traktor to a different cable, which allows me to use a regular DJ mixer to blend/mix the tracks I want to play and I use the FX built into most modern mixers to make things sound funky! Being the geek I am, I must say the mixer pictured isn’t one I would choose to use, it’s just a nice, simple, picture – I like mixers that have Pioneer or Vestax written on them.

 If I did choose to use a controller it would be to fire the effects inside Traktor,  so I would buy something like this Akai controller, which is more suited to the job.

Some people don’t like to see DJs hunched over their computer in a club, but as I am only choosing tracks and pressing play, that isn’t much of an issue,  most of the time I am hunched over the mixer like a “regular” DJ and that, of course, looks a whole world different.

I think a bad audio mixer does a better job of controlling the sound than an average DJ controller, a mixer doesn’t crash and if I am in a club it isn’t my responsibility to make sure it works or to bring it along (one less thing to forget is a big win in my book).  Granted a good DJ controller will be as good as a good mixer, but that’s $1000 I don’t need to spend!

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