My DJ Setup – Laptop Stand (what not to buy)

The long awaited (well I been waiting for inspiration to write this) penultimate blog discussing my DJ setup.  I have been putting this one off for one reason, I hate my laptop stand.  Back in the day an experienced DJ told me that if you buy cheap – you buy twice and I have proven him right time and time again.

 When choosing my laptop stand, I started by looked at reviews and one stand was clearly the best one the market – the Crane stand – it retails at approximately £150 ($200US) but looks excellent, strong/strudy, easy to erect/collapse, flexible use options and compact storage. I’ve seen a couple of big name DJs using these stands and I can see why… they really look like they are the bees-knees!

 I bought the Magma 2.1 Laptop Stand. On paper it fits all my requirements, and was £75 cheaper than the Crane stand (still more expensive than many other available) and, when I bought it, top of the line from Magma, who make excellent DJ Bags.  I thought I was onto a winner.  I was wrong.

 I have found this stand almost impossible to erect at a gig – it’s  really hard to attach to a flight case and it comes with small nuts and bolts that I am certain to lose at one point (Magma obviously agree with this sentiment as they sell replacements).  It isn’t even that stable.  I hate it.  Magma have released a newer version, but why should I take a chance, I am not even going to link to this product.

 I have no experience of any other laptop stand (other than putting my computer on a few in clubs, but I didn’t take the time to check ‘em out properly) so that is the end of that.  Buy a Crane stand if you need a laptop stand.

 UPDATE:  If you want a cheap stand – buy this one – I have it on sound authority that it is great, especially if you aren’t planning to move it around much.

UPDATE 2: I gave MAGMA the right to reply on this thread, they duly have.  I am not going to detail their response, but they appreared genuinely surprise by me comments on the 2.1 stand.  Regarding their new stand, The Traveller, they said I shouldn’t pass comment on something I havent seen.  Without buying it (or Magma letting me have a review copy) that is all I can do, and my whole point was that I wouldn’t buy another Magma stand based on my experience with the 2.1.  It was really nice of them taking the time to send me a full response and I give them all the credit due for talking to their customers.

3 Comments on “My DJ Setup – Laptop Stand (what not to buy)”

  1. I was gonna make my own laptop stand. Never got around to it, and now I see that various oufits produce them. I’ve not yet seen one that I really like though.

  2. ooh get you with your laptop stand. that’s well posh. i just tend to balance mine in whatever space will fit it at less than 45 degrees above horizontal. usually on a turntable, can’t beat a spindle for extra jauntiness

  3. @spritz – save up and buy a crane stand

    @andy I cant work like that – I guess I am just too OCD – when I write a post on track/file management you will see what I mean

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