The AZ Gunslingaz Volume 2

Fresh from the web – Volume 2 of my favourite Moombahton/core EP


The AZ Gunslingaz formed just over a year ago in Phoenix Arizonaton. A band of producers pulling from many different backgrounds that came together to push the Phoenix electronic music scene/sound out of the Clubs of Phoenix, and Into Bass Cabinets all over the world. With great success from Vol.1 last summer, Pickster One, DJ Melo, Mendez, Riot Earp, Sluggo & Ellery all pushing the Southwest Tropical Bass sounds, showcase the growth of the group as producers and their individual musical tastes on Vol.2 touching on Moombahton, Kuduro, Trap, Juke, and Moombahcore with influences from Brazilian Drums, Spanish Flamenco guitar, Chicago Juke to some good Ole Southwest Phoenix Moombahton. Trying to keep up with these kids can be tuff, just look for the Dust cloud in the desert and the AZ Gunslingaz won’t be far away.

1. Pickster & Melo – Ain’t That Kinda Girl
2. Mendez – Who Gwan Test
3. Pickster One & Riot Earp – Everyone Gets Murdered
4. Ellery – Juke Beast
5. Mendez & Riot Earp – Brazil
6. Pickster One – Seville


AZ Gunslingaz Vol. 1 –
Pickster presents…. AZ GUNSLINGAZ EP by El Cuco Recordings

Released by: El Cuco Recordings
Release date: Jun 14, 2012

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