Attention Producers! Upload to 25 free filehosts easily with Neembuu

I am a huge geek (as my previous posts evidence). So I read websites like Lifehacker on a daily basis.  They are really interesting to me and I have borrowed many ideas from there to help with my music (where would we be without Dropbox?).

Neembuu looks like it will be something many of us producers will use.  Many of us get frustrated with download/upload limits with free file hosts, but who has the time to upload to many 1 by 1.  Neembuu does all the hard work for you.  Lifehacker says this: Read the rest of this entry »

My DJ Setup – Conclusion

I’ve really enjoyed writing about my DJ setup and, although it’s taken me a little longer than planned, I’ve come to the end pretty quickly.

 I guess, in lieu of a proper conclusion (I don’t really have a point to make) I can tell you about some gear I am excited about.  This isn’t dream stuff, just some bits and bobs I may add to my setup.

 Firstly I saw some press about the Pioneer DJM-250.  This looks like a great mixer and a decent price.  If you don’t need the flexibility of a bigger mixer and can make do with 2(or 3 at a push) channels this is perfect.  To me it looks like Pioneer are taking a swipe at Allen & Heath by putting filters on each of the music channels, as that is something A&H put on their top level mixers, and they are doing with their basic (but still good!)range.

 Next up, although I mentioned that I don’t use a controller, this one from Icon caught my eye.  It seems to have a lot of functionality, in a very portable form factor and the reviews I’ve read say it is well built.

 Finally, being fond of a gimmick or two this routing box from Magma makes using a smaller mixer like the DJM-250 much more practical.  This would be really useful in a home/studio setup where you may have various toys connected to a spare channel on your desk, at a gig you’d probably way quick access to everything in your setup so this may add an unnecessary step.

 I am debating whether to continue the series; I could talk about my headphones, bags/cases and even what clothes I wear to a gig!  I may come back to this series in the future but right now I want to concentrate on writing about all of the great DJs, producers and music I am listening too right now but do drop me a line with any questions you may have, as you can tell I love talking about this stuff.


My DJ Setup – Software, Why I chose N.I Traktor (part 2).

After watching Celt Islam and DJ Pathaan play at Sub Global Underground inManchester, I decided to give Traktor Pro another chance.  I’d tried it briefly (an LE version from a CD that came with an old piece of gear I’d bought).  I was DJing from Ableton Live that night and their setup looked more fun to use than mine. Read the rest of this entry »

My DJ Setup – Software (part 1)

I am writing a series of blogs about my DJ Setup (although nowadays I call myself a LapJock not a Disc Jockey).  I gave an overview in my introductory blog which, if you’re interested, you can read here.

 For most people the biggest decision they face, once they have decided to use a laptop as a DJ tool is which software to run, although, logically, it should be what laptop to choose.  I think most people would use their day to day laptop.  Unless you are a gigging DJ, or you take your hobby very seriously there is no real need to have a separate laptop to DJ with, in fact you don’t even need a laptop, a desktop computer will also work fine.  I’m going to look at what computer I chose to use for DJing in my next entry. Read the rest of this entry »

My DJ Setup – Introduction

I’ve recently made the change from being a CD DJ to being a Lapjock (a DJ who uses a laptop instead of discs and for the record I ditched vinyl back in 2000).  This meant a whole load of choices for me so I am going to blog about how I came to my decisions. Read the rest of this entry »