December Moombahton Mixtape

This month I want to highlight the excellent work of UK based producer Disgraceland.  His mix is at the bottom of this post, and he also took the time to answer a few questions I had for him: Read the rest of this entry »

December Moombahton Minimix

Click above for my extremely heavy minimix!

Hold on tight boys and girls, this may cause loose stools!



Mixtape Trilogy: Globalibre

Whilst I am finding life too much to cope with so can’t find the time to blog, have a look at this seriously sexy collection of seemless (?) mixes for the boys from Germany.

These guys are big time ‘heads’ in the global bass scene and these classy mixes show how deep the quality runs.

Personally, in a shocking turn of events, I have caned the Techno, mix.


Mixtape: November Moombahton Mixtape

I said in the post to go with my last mixtape that I would be taking a break from these tapes, and that still stands.  I am still focusing on some production work and I am at the early stages of putting together “Ginger Shinobi presents: Moombahdeep Volume 1” which is going to be a deep Moombahton compilation.

With that in mind this month I present to you the DJ that inspired (or nagged me with a gazillion blog posts) me to listen to and therefore to start playing Moombahton, from Generation Bass, DJ UMB  Read the rest of this entry »

Ginger Shinobi’s October Moombahton Mixtape

This mix has taken me too long to put together, initially I had quite a job finding the right tunes, but once I had worked out what sound I was looking to play that became easier.

I have tried to continue to explore the sound I began developing in my last mixtapeRead the rest of this entry »

Ginger Shinobi & The Secret Archives of the Vatican Soundsystem

Before I was a rock-star Moombahton DJ I met quite a few of the UK Moombahton crew as part of the Global Bass collective Secret Archives of the Vatican (SAotV).

 Although I get involved in the production process for SAotV, my main role is as DJ for the Secret Archives of the Vatican Soundsystem.

 The Soundsystem travels the country (or further in anyone wants to book us) playing original tunes from the SAotV back catalogue and bootlegs/remixes/mashups cut in our own studio and designed to massacre any dancefloor.

 Listen to my recent SAotV mixtape for a real flavour of how hard we kick out the JAMS:[soundcloud%20url=%22]

Ginger Shinobi – September Moombahton Mixtape (free download)

This is my September mixtape.  It has a different sound to my previous one and, to be honest, almost any other tape I’ve put together. 

Read the rest of this entry »

August 2011 Moombahton Mixtape

My first Moombahton mixtape: