MoombahDeep Volume 1

Ginger Shinobi presents MoombahDeep Vol. 1

UMB, Generation Bass: “Been a big fan of Moombahdeep for some time – this is classy stuff!”

Walmer Convenience: “If you like music that takes you somewhere and is about the journey rather than the moment then this compilation is for you. This is music that you savour. MoombahDeep is like a long dinner rather than a quick snack. Sophisticated moombahton for adults. Adults who like to spend time in smoky warehouses at 4am.” 

Sarah Young: “Hard dutty basslines are all good for the ravers and headbangers but Moombahdeep takes me to a spiritual place of peace – mellow vibe time.”

DJ Melo: “Sounds perfect for a loungey spot I spin at.”

Phi Unit: “This is great for early-hour sets or after-hours gigs. Thanks, dudes!”

London moombahton DJ Ginger Shinobi takes a tour into moombahton’s deepest sounds on MoombahDeep Volume 1. For a style of music less than three years old, moombahton’s depth and breadth of styles covered is impressive. Moombahton’s most popular edge blends dubstep and hard electro, however, this compilation promises far more expansive and tech-house friendly sounds.

Moombahdeep features producers ranging from genre forefather DJ Sabo through to Shinobi himself and a plethora of rising creators in the dembow-heavy sound slowly dominating dancefloors worldwide. Tracks like percussive expert The 13th Tribe’s The Numerologist feature heavy tech house vibes that take a party deep into the night. Proving that moombahton is more than just the indie pop wonder of 2012, these are the sounds that put moombahton’s staying power on display!

Ginger Shinobi: “MoombahDeep Vol.1 is a collection of Moombahton inspired by the classic sound of deep house and techno, and by Generation Bass’ excursions into moombahton beyond the limitations of Dutch house and hastily produced edits. I have decided to include any track submitted that excited me, that made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck or simply made me want to dance. I’ve trusted the integrity of the individual producer to interpret the brief anyway they wanted – I think this has given a broad and interesting sound to the compilation. You can’t tell what it is going to sound like from the title. In late 2011 I spent a lot of time trawling the internet for Moombahton tunes with a deeper vibe as preparation for my DJ sets, and I realised I couldn’t quite find enough tunes, that was how MoombahDeep was born. I took the title from a tag used on SaBBo’s Deepahton EP and set about asking my favourite producers to submit a tune. Almost everyone said yes – and those that didn’t are top of my hitlist for Vol. 2.”

MoombahDeep Vol. 1 full tracklist

Smash & Grab – Robohton
The 13th Tribe – The Numerologist
Andy Kisaragi – Chromatic Night
3 Na-Massa – Enladeirada (Christian Prommer remix / Sabo Re-Edit)
Zsonic – Sould Ride (Take it Deep)
Nguzunguzu – Strut (Banginclude Moomabahton Remix)
Disgraceland – Go West Ft. MC Lowqui
Johnny T – Moombahbomb
Vapid – Saxaton
Johnny T & Disgraceland – Age of Moombahton Love
Anton Kemermen – Rawr
Catfish & the Bottlemen – Sidewinder (Ginger Shinobi’s Deep Moombahton Remix)
Virtual Boy – Memories of a Ghost (Mango Troops – C.O.D.A VIP – remix)
Mr9Carter – Return to Halcyon



Dear reader.

I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging as much as I should.  I have been very busy Exec Producing my first compilation MoombahDeep Volume 1

It’s 14 tracks of deep and sexy Moombahton influenced, or inspired by, deep house and techno.

It will be released on 27 Febuary 2012 and the initial feedback from a few tastemakers and friends has been very very positive.

More news for you soon.




ps.  I registered

Music Review: Jon Kwest – The Last Don EP

Jon Kwest’s productions were some of the first Moombahton I ever heard, so needless to say this guy has had an influence on me.  He also, inspired DJ UMB to drop the Deep Moombahton mix that I featured late last year.  Jon Kwest is one of the Moombah pioneers and so this EP landing in my promo box was another treat that I am not worthy to receive.

Needless to say Jon Kwest doesn’t fail to impress.  I’ve listened to the EP straight through at least 3 times and it isn’t going to grow old in a hurry!  This EP demonstrates a blend of experience, talent and a genuine love of Mooombahton.

Three of my highlights from the EP:

1. Whadatt appeals to my love of massive old school basslines without sounding like a tribute act.

2. The Whistle is one of the tunes that can convert people into Moombahistas huge bassline and a cheeky use of vocal drops (“…you come at the king you best not miss…”).

3. Stabbin Cabbin (Gulls mix) a journey into heavy, sexy, blissed out deep Moombahton that makes you start to groove and fall asleep with a massive grin on your face.

Full preview here:

December Moombahton Mixtape

This month I want to highlight the excellent work of UK based producer Disgraceland.  His mix is at the bottom of this post, and he also took the time to answer a few questions I had for him: Read the rest of this entry »

December Moombahton Minimix

Click above for my extremely heavy minimix!

Hold on tight boys and girls, this may cause loose stools!



Mixtape Trilogy: Globalibre

Whilst I am finding life too much to cope with so can’t find the time to blog, have a look at this seriously sexy collection of seemless (?) mixes for the boys from Germany.

These guys are big time ‘heads’ in the global bass scene and these classy mixes show how deep the quality runs.

Personally, in a shocking turn of events, I have caned the Techno, mix.


Music Reviews: Ultracore by Mendez on El Cuco Recordings

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