Music Review: Moombah Volume 5 – Jay Fay “Mashitup”

In the run up to Moombahdeep Volume 2 coming out, I have just downloaded this wicked EP from genius producer, Jay Fay.
Grab it while it’s hot, and I will write a proper review once I have had a decent couple of listens…
Available now from Beatport:

Mashitup, the title track, can be be given away as a free download:

Mixtape: November Moombahton Mixtape

I said in the post to go with my last mixtape that I would be taking a break from these tapes, and that still stands.  I am still focusing on some production work and I am at the early stages of putting together “Ginger Shinobi presents: Moombahdeep Volume 1” which is going to be a deep Moombahton compilation.

With that in mind this month I present to you the DJ that inspired (or nagged me with a gazillion blog posts) me to listen to and therefore to start playing Moombahton, from Generation Bass, DJ UMB  Read the rest of this entry »

Review: Deepaton EP by SaBBo

SaBBo, from Israel, is one of the big dogs of Moombahton, without whom we wouldn’t have the depth of excellent music we have today.

The DEEPATON EP is like a bowling ball wrapped in a velvet bag, on the surface soft  and warm, but at its core  – hard as nails.

Read the rest of this entry »