My DJ Setup – Conclusion

I’ve really enjoyed writing about my DJ setup and, although it’s taken me a little longer than planned, I’ve come to the end pretty quickly.

 I guess, in lieu of a proper conclusion (I don’t really have a point to make) I can tell you about some gear I am excited about.  This isn’t dream stuff, just some bits and bobs I may add to my setup.

 Firstly I saw some press about the Pioneer DJM-250.  This looks like a great mixer and a decent price.  If you don’t need the flexibility of a bigger mixer and can make do with 2(or 3 at a push) channels this is perfect.  To me it looks like Pioneer are taking a swipe at Allen & Heath by putting filters on each of the music channels, as that is something A&H put on their top level mixers, and they are doing with their basic (but still good!)range.

 Next up, although I mentioned that I don’t use a controller, this one from Icon caught my eye.  It seems to have a lot of functionality, in a very portable form factor and the reviews I’ve read say it is well built.

 Finally, being fond of a gimmick or two this routing box from Magma makes using a smaller mixer like the DJM-250 much more practical.  This would be really useful in a home/studio setup where you may have various toys connected to a spare channel on your desk, at a gig you’d probably way quick access to everything in your setup so this may add an unnecessary step.

 I am debating whether to continue the series; I could talk about my headphones, bags/cases and even what clothes I wear to a gig!  I may come back to this series in the future but right now I want to concentrate on writing about all of the great DJs, producers and music I am listening too right now but do drop me a line with any questions you may have, as you can tell I love talking about this stuff.


My DJ Setup – Laptop

I’m gonna write about my choice of laptop, in my earlier post I said that most people don’t need a dedicated laptop for DJing/Music and I stand by that comment but as I do have 2 laptops here is how I rock my setup.

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My DJ Setup – Introduction

I’ve recently made the change from being a CD DJ to being a Lapjock (a DJ who uses a laptop instead of discs and for the record I ditched vinyl back in 2000).  This meant a whole load of choices for me so I am going to blog about how I came to my decisions. Read the rest of this entry »