My DJ Setup – Sound Card

This post will look at how I went about choosing the sound card (something which has become known as an audio interface) I use to DJ with.  To be honest, the decision was easy but I will go through the options I had. Read the rest of this entry »

My DJ Setup – Software, Why I chose N.I Traktor (part 2).

After watching Celt Islam and DJ Pathaan play at Sub Global Underground inManchester, I decided to give Traktor Pro another chance.  I’d tried it briefly (an LE version from a CD that came with an old piece of gear I’d bought).  I was DJing from Ableton Live that night and their setup looked more fun to use than mine. Read the rest of this entry »

My DJ Setup – Software (part 1)

I am writing a series of blogs about my DJ Setup (although nowadays I call myself a LapJock not a Disc Jockey).  I gave an overview in my introductory blog which, if you’re interested, you can read here.

 For most people the biggest decision they face, once they have decided to use a laptop as a DJ tool is which software to run, although, logically, it should be what laptop to choose.  I think most people would use their day to day laptop.  Unless you are a gigging DJ, or you take your hobby very seriously there is no real need to have a separate laptop to DJ with, in fact you don’t even need a laptop, a desktop computer will also work fine.  I’m going to look at what computer I chose to use for DJing in my next entry. Read the rest of this entry »