Moombahton Review: Grandes Exitos Vol 1

Moombahton: Grandes Exitos Vol 1 starts in the bowels of deep and dirty dub but quickly explodes into fierce tune called Spider (which sounds like the classic  Firepower remix from Munchi, but slightly more polished for home listening but still rough enough to sandpaper your face off).  A great opening tune to a great compilation from Mad Decent and Tropical Bass blogger Alberto Caballero.

Overall this is a great compilation of some tracks that are new to me and some that aren’t.  As I have the time and motivation I am going to go through the whole thing one track at a time. 

If you’d like to skip throught the tunes yourself whilst reading my take on them you can download the whole album from;

(I have intentionally not looked at artist names or track titles because sometimes its easy for my judgement to happy when reading the credits, before listening to the tune!)

1 – See above, big. 

2 – Latin moombahton a “pots and pans” tune that reminds me of the best of Big Beat.

 3 – Hip Hop – a big room track design to set dance floors alight – great mix of light and dark or rap and Moombahton (instantly copied to my record box folder).

 4 – Eastern Vibes, with through the floor bass!  Minimal and dark but I am itching to hear this through a club’s PA rig. (Added this to my SAotV Soundsystem DJ set folder).

 5 – Party tune that isn’t my cup of tea, but I can see this working well for some DJs (after a second listen, don’t let the radio/resort friendly vocal put you off, this is a banger!).

 6 – Kung Fu movie Moombahton with a dancehall vocal.  Great sample / vocal drop, which I think the artist may have made themselves!

 7 – One that wouldn’t fit into my set but a well produced Moombahton tune, that sits on the harder side of thing and uses a rap edit.

 8 – Old school rave organ that drops into an up-tempo Moombahton joint (which is probably a whole other genre but I don’t really keep up to date with the names maybe kuduro-juke-bubbling hybrid nu-trap or just Cumbia).

 9. This has been in my DJ box for some time, I’ve closed a couple of set with it.  Pure funky pop genius, I’ve dropped this at the start middle and end of my sets to different crowds and they have all loved it!

 10 – Dutchy moombahton/kuduro with nods to Skrillex!  Personally I wouldn’t have the tunes to play this alongside, but its certainly fun!

 11 – Synth led Dancehall/Bashy moombahton that reminds me of some of the tunes on El Cuco!

 12 – Deep techy  Moombahton with some latin vibes (Moombahtek I belive it’s called)  I played this out a couple of weeks ago and it was a highlight of the night, played it twice and everything.

 13 – Samples a rap classic. A Ginger Shinobi certified classic tune for the club if you wanna liven things up for a party vibe!  It’s a great transition from party to more underground tracks.   

 14 – This has also been in my set for a long time, another great tune that has a bassline to die for!

 In summary, this compilation is excellent a real soundbite of the moombahton scene for educated ears!


Music Review: $$OOPS$$ by Jay Fay

Continuing my trend of being late on reviews, please let me introduce you to Moombahton’s newest and youngest Don Jay Fay.
Jay has released a stunning EP called $$OOPS$$ and the title track has been in my “record box” folder for a couple of weeks now, straight up old-school rave piano with a classic dubstep bass-line sits sexily over the dembow beat.

 Having already stacked up a pile of heavyweight cosigns from EDM heavyweights such as Skream, Toddla T, Dave Nada, Dillon Francis and DJ Craze, the release of $$OOPS$$ on T&A Records sees the St. Louis, Missouri native and percussive wunderkind continuing to carve out his own distinctive sound – and rapidly proving himself as a producer to watch in dance music cirlces.  

Jay continues to impress me with a mature production sound that has moved dancefloors for me over the last couple of weeks.



Out now on Beatport

Music Review; Future Primative by Bro Safari & UFO!

El Cuco records always put out the funkiest Moombah, treading a fine line between rough as you like Moombahcore and Moombahton.  I have enjoyed all of their releases so far and when I saw a new one drop I had to grab and earful so that I could make good with the review.

 I am in a crazy rush today so in a nutshell – get your broke ass over to Beatport and check out  THE FUTURE PRIMATIVE EP BY BRO SAFARI AND UFO! (clicky).  My stand out tune is Laff Track – its sweet but  likely to bite your head off.

Review: Second Sky – Messenger (DJ Melo Mix)

Check out this amazing remix by Dj Melo – follow him on Twitter at

This remix is clearly developing the Moombah sound… high production values and a global feel make this tune unique![soundcloud%20url=%22]

My DJ Setup – Laptop Stand (what not to buy)

The long awaited (well I been waiting for inspiration to write this) penultimate blog discussing my DJ setup.  I have been putting this one off for one reason, I hate my laptop stand.  Back in the day an experienced DJ told me that if you buy cheap – you buy twice and I have proven him right time and time again.

 When choosing my laptop stand, I started by looked at reviews and one stand was clearly the best one the market – the Crane stand – it retails at approximately £150 ($200US) but looks excellent, strong/strudy, easy to erect/collapse, flexible use options and compact storage. I’ve seen a couple of big name DJs using these stands and I can see why… they really look like they are the bees-knees!

 I bought the Magma 2.1 Laptop Stand. On paper it fits all my requirements, and was £75 cheaper than the Crane stand (still more expensive than many other available) and, when I bought it, top of the line from Magma, who make excellent DJ Bags.  I thought I was onto a winner.  I was wrong.

 I have found this stand almost impossible to erect at a gig – it’s  really hard to attach to a flight case and it comes with small nuts and bolts that I am certain to lose at one point (Magma obviously agree with this sentiment as they sell replacements).  It isn’t even that stable.  I hate it.  Magma have released a newer version, but why should I take a chance, I am not even going to link to this product.

 I have no experience of any other laptop stand (other than putting my computer on a few in clubs, but I didn’t take the time to check ‘em out properly) so that is the end of that.  Buy a Crane stand if you need a laptop stand.

 UPDATE:  If you want a cheap stand – buy this one – I have it on sound authority that it is great, especially if you aren’t planning to move it around much.

UPDATE 2: I gave MAGMA the right to reply on this thread, they duly have.  I am not going to detail their response, but they appreared genuinely surprise by me comments on the 2.1 stand.  Regarding their new stand, The Traveller, they said I shouldn’t pass comment on something I havent seen.  Without buying it (or Magma letting me have a review copy) that is all I can do, and my whole point was that I wouldn’t buy another Magma stand based on my experience with the 2.1.  It was really nice of them taking the time to send me a full response and I give them all the credit due for talking to their customers.